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From when the Dunholme Old School Centre was taken over as a community centre in 1984 it has been managed by a constituted voluntary organisation and a member of CommunityLincs. Then in 2000 the property was purchased from the Trustees under the “Reverter of School Sites Act”. The management committee then became the Trustees of the property whose responsibility is to maintain the property for the benefit of the village of Dunholme according to the Trustees Act of 1909 and 1925. As the committee at that time was not an incorporated organisation the conveyance and Land Registry in in the name of the Chairman and Treasurer as named Trustees. The funding given by the National Lottery Funding Board (now the Big Lottery Fund) came with legally binding conditions. The main condition was that the funds were “Restricted Funds”. They had to be recorded in all accounts as such signifying that they must only be used for the purpose for which our application applied for i.e. as our constitution specifies. The constitution specifies our “Purpose” as being wholly charitable for the benefit of the parish of Dunholme and surrounding area.

The Diocesan Office also put a covenant on the sale dictating that the property must only be used as a village hall a community centre or one private dwelling. (The last put on as that’s what it would have become if we had not bought it) As from 22 January 2015 our governance is as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity number 1160106). This organisation is now called The Dunholme Trust but the Dunholme Old School Community Centre is still our working name. There are currently five named Trustees but will seek to expand that as time goes by.

 Our Charitable objects are:


The objects of the CIO are to further or benefit the residents of Dunholme, Lincolnshire and the neighbourhood, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said residents and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.
In furtherance of these objects but not otherwise, the trustees shall have power to establish or secure the establishment of a Community Centre and to maintain or manage or co-operate with any statutory authority in the maintenance and management of such a centre for activities promoted by the charity in furtherance of the above objects.

 The property is listed as a “Community Centre”. A community centre is described officially as “Space provided by a charity to facilitate community services and activities”. The charity Trustees make the decisions a on any development but must meet the requirements of the objects above. We would be in “Breach of Trust” if we acted outside the terms of our governing document.

We have now transferred the ownership on the property to the Charity (Land Registry Number LL188861)



What we do
• general charitable purposes
• education / training
• economic / community development / employment
• recreation

who do we do it for
• children / young people
• elderly / old people
• people with disabilities
• other charities or voluntary bodies

how do we do it
• provides buildings / facilities / open space
• provides services

What usage do we have at the moment?


  1. In the Annex

  1. Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils occupy on room of approximately 56 m2. They are on a rolling 5 year rent agreement and, although probably not paying full commercial rent certainly pay more than could be expected from any other hirer. They account for about a third of our total annual income.


  2. Lincs Photo occupies another room of approximately 45m2.  The owner is a self-employed local entrepreneur. He runs a mobile photographic business and uses this room as a studio. He also gives Training on photography and computer imaging software. He is also and an agreement paying the same as the previous occupant.


  3. Area Community Education and Training occupies the third room of approximately 32m2. This is run by a committee member and has been running since 1995 as an Adult Education Venue, with great success. It has nine computers; all networked giving Internet Access and Microsoft Office 2010.
    We are in the process of becoming a Digital Champion whereby we would be giving free computer training to the community in the Area of Benefit


    The occupiers of the Annex are permanent residents.

B.         Main Building

  1. Luncheon Club. This is to provide lunches on a Tuesday for about 30 local elderly residents. It used to be weekly but the previous volunteers were predominant elderly and retired. The new volunteers mostly work so are only able to run the cub twice a month. They were created and initially funded by Age UK (Age Concern). A mini-bus is provided for those with limited mobility.

  2. Camera Club. This club has been going for about 15 years and has a thriving membership. They enter various competitions and I believe there is even a league table of competing clubs. They give free Training and help to all members. They meet twice a month.


  3. Bible Studies Group. Meet once a week on a Wednesday. They have a thriving membership and in fact are looking for more space for group meetings.


  4. Dancing Classes. These are run as a private concern and are mainly for the children. All styles are taught.


  5. LALC. On many occasions when attendances are high for local council training session they use the main hall with the committee room for the lunches.


  6. Music Group. A local semi-professional band rehearses about once a fortnight. They are well known in the County at various dances and events.


  7. Pantomime Group. Although they perform only at Christmas and then only in Welton Village hall most of their rehearsals are carried out in the Dunholme Old School Community Centre.


  8. Dog Trails. Although this group only use the hall once a year they do so for a whole week. This means they can only do it during holiday periods when other activities are not using the hall.


  9. Private Parties. These are many and frequent. Mainly children’s parties where they need to invite all their classmates but mum doesn’t want a house full of kids. The Old School is ideal for this. Being close to the church there are also wakes and Christening parties. The parties being self-catering, or having caterers brought in, make the old school ideal for this type of function. With a large range cooker and separate room for the buffet the facilities are much appreciated. It also does not clash with the village hall.

  10. Pop-Up Tea room. So far we have had only one of these but hope to have many more. They are run by an individual who actually take the tea room around the County to different vial and church hall. They are held over a weekend and the one we had was very successful which bodes well for our future development plans.

  11. History lessons for the Dunholme St. Chad’s Junior School

  12.   Casual booking. The hall is quite often use on a one off function  for displays, meetings, seminars, sales of goods, private teaching and many other purposes.



Image description

Volunteer ladies who run the Dunholme Luncheon Club by cooking for over 30 elderly members of the community

Image description

The Luncheon Club Members enjoying the after dinner raffle.

Image description

Customers at the Vintage Tearooms 2014

Image description

Jennie Fox and helpers who run the Vintage Tearooms at the Old School Dunholme

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Presentation of certificates by the Lord Luetenant of Lincolnshire to the successful candidates after their computer course run by the Area Community Education and Training school

Image description

Successful candidates with the OCR  Integrated Business Tecnology Stage 3 certificates with their teachers Susan Leadbetter (Third from right front row) and John Ritchie (Second from right front row.

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A Peformance of "The Good Old Days" by the Haggons Happenings amatuer production company in the main hall

Image description

Some of the audience at "The Good Old Days" production